mi.1 II

Bluetooth MIDI Interface

No cable. No stress.

The new mi.1 II let you connect your digital piano or other musical instrument with MIDI jacks via Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Mac PC.

The original mi.1 was introduced in 2016. Since then the development continued and the functionality was improved.

Compact and lasting

The mi.1 was designed to lifetime long use. Made out of composite material its design ensures a maximum longevity. The compact size allows to place your instrument everywhere without disturbing plugs.

The mi.1 II uses Apples Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI protocol.
This allows the direct connection with apps like garageband and others, if those support Bluetooth LE MIDI.
Supported iPhone, iPad and Mac OS.

The mi.1 II supports Android Bluetooth LE MIDI protocol.
This allows a direct connection with Apps, if these support Bluetooth LE MIDI. In addition BTLE MIDI compatible Android device hardware and software is required.

Use without AC-adapter

The ultra-low energy design of mi.1 II uses the voltage of the existing MIDI Input or Output on your instrument. No additional AC-adapter or batteries required.

Minimum latency

Latency is comparable with a direct MIDI cable connection.

Improved power &
new functions

  • Ultra-low latency mode (default):
    Very high transmission rate. Same performance as a normal MIDI cable (31.25 Kbit/s).
  • Timestamp mode:
    Supports MIDI timestamp and allows exact timing when clock synchronization with DAW sequencers. Can be activated via "mi.1 II config" iOS app.

  • Further miniaturization (Reduced by 1.5mm width and 3.0 mm depth compared to predecessor).
  • iOS software "mi.1 II config" for firmware updates, mode changes and renaming the device.


Product type Bluetooth MIDI Interface
Wireless technology Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth LE MIDI Profile MIDI over Bluetooth LE
Connections 1 x MIDI IN (5pin)
1 x MIDI OUT (5pin)
Switches, indicators 1 x hall element switch
1 x magnet
1 x bi-color LED
Power 3.3V - 5.0V via MIDI OUT jack
(Hint: Most MIDI devices supply the required voltage on pin 4 of their MIDI OUT jack. If you are not sure, ask the device manufacturer for support.)
Hardware compatibility Bluetooth LE 4.0 on Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac;
Android depending on manufacturer
iOS app for mi.1 II mi.1 II config : Firmware updater and configurator
Power consumption 20mW (when MIDI OUT = 3.3V) 25mW (when MIDI OUT = 5V)
EAN 4589973680373